Pericardial Resection/Window - HFpEF, Pericardial Effusion

Posted by Rob Schweiger @robschweiger, Jul 3, 2019

Mayo has just begun a clinical trial involving percutaneous pericardial resection … in effect, making a longitudinal cut through the chest muscle and pericardium in order to possibly provide relief to a hard, stiff heart muscle. This will occur in the cardio cath lab at the St. Mary’s campus. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has undergone this or a similar procedure. Also interested in hearing from anyone with HFpEF that has no “usual” symptoms other than inability to exercise and major exhaustion

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Hello @john6stodolka,

The positional cough is indeed mysterious. If you are comfortable sharing more, can you share what type of cardiac testings has been done so far? I'm sure you have had an echocardiogram and perhaps a stress test. What about a cardiac pulmonary test? Similar to a stress test, but you have something in your mouth that records your pulmonary functioning at the same time it is recording your heart functioning, This type of test is not usually done in a typical cardiologist office but is usually done in a hospital and/or cardiac specialty setting. This might be a good test to consider with this coughing problem.

I was not familiar with L-Arginine prior to your post, but I did find this info on Mayo's website. Here is a link. It does mention that airway inflammation and/or increased asthma symptoms might be a side-effect. Just something to consider.
Have you considered a second opinion at a leading heart center? I don't know what state you live in, but if there is a heart specialty center (perhaps connected with a medical school) it might be good to get a second opinion there. Also, the Mayo Clinic (3 locations) or Cleveland Clinic would be good choices. If you would like to consult with Mayo, here is a link for appointment information,

I'm interested in knowing how you are doing. Will you continue to post?


Thanks for the reply! I am not taking anything other than L-Argenine, which was suggested by a cardiologist. The cough is a mystery. What's really weird is that I cough every time I bend over. (Other times, also.) I can get something off the floor or tie my shoes and invariably cough. Does your cough react similarly? Thanks.

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hello john, ,to me it sounds like a left heart failure.. did your cardiologist an echocardiographic investigation? I had the same symptoms in spite of my pacemaker. Due to the extreme high atrium fibrillation (I don't feel them) my heart could not function properly, all 4 heart valves became insuffcient…

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