Heart failure and enlarged heart

Posted by mram79 @mram79, Mar 12, 2018

I’m 38 years old and recently I’vs been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart. I get a lot of discomfort in my chest, pressure, like my chest feels heavy. The pain radiates to my shoulders up to my neck and my jaw feels tight. My left arm and hand gets tingly and feels numb. A few days ago I went to the ER for chest pain. They took some blood and checked my heart enzyme levels told me everything was fine. The next day I went to see my primary for a follow up and she mentioned that my heart enzyme levels were slightly elevated. I don’t understand what is going on with my heart or how I even devolped heart failure. I don’t know what to expect and it seems like the doctors just give me the run around instead of explaining. Anyone out there with heart failure what are you symptoms, what type of treatment are you on?

Sorry about your situation. Heart conditions are vey scary and depressing sometimes. To me, I am not a doctor, but you need to find a good cardiologist, go through some testing to obtain a baseline on your hearts condition, then start asking a lot of questions. I found out if you don't ask they will never tell you everything and you'll feel lost inside. Another word of advice and from experience, stay off the internet you will become more depressed. Everyone's situation is different. I can say from what I have read, diet, medication, surgery (if needed) and controlled excerise prescribed by your doctor can help improve heart disease. Good luck, wish you the best.

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@mram7 Welcome to the line. Im also 38, advanced dilated cardiomyopathy. Diagnosed in 2013. I never would have thought i would become a heart "expert". YOU are in charge of YOUR healthcare. I have a binder i take to the er with copies of echo cardiogram, er visits, med list. Dr. Seem to treat you better. If your on warfrin check into getting an inr test kit to do labs at home.im also on spironalactone for water weight helps the shortness of breath. Its important to try and always be calm. Metoprolol, pravastatin, digoxen. And ive been taking entresto the last 6 months i think it is really helping. Right now im currently, slowly, seeking heart transplant, with the back up of a heart pump if i need it. Keep log of blood pressure, pulse, weight, oxygen levels. I get tired all the time, the days i try to push through it i usually end up getting angry at something stupid.
Stay connected strengthen your suport net and stay calm. You are NOT alone.


My husband is 42 and in heart failure. It went undiagnosed for several months until he ended up in the ER. He had blood work, Echo, the mention of cardiomyopathy, and even a hernia repair that they thought might be linked that wasn’t. He has recently been diagnosised with AL Amyloidosis. We got lucky that a doctor knew what he was looking for and helped us. This condition often goes undiagnosed until it is too late and involves other organ failure. It is very important to trust your instinct and listen to your body. Good luck.

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