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Posted by sharieberts @sharieberts, Apr 16, 2019

Hello everyone!
My name is Shari and I have genetic adult-onset moderate hearing loss in both ears. I write a weekly blog about my ups and down living with hearing loss and share tips for living your best life despite the challenges of hearing loss. Please check it out if you are interested. http://www.livingwithhearingloss.com. What other hearing loss blogs do you like to read?

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I have been using the Live Transcribe app also….came across it a few months ago. I find it great for listening to the waiter in a restaurant or when I go to the salon or with just a few people. As you said, the captions are about the same quality as live tv captions but you get the drift and it is a big help.
I would like it to be able to keep the recordings so I could go back over them. I used another app that did this but it did not ave the range that Live Transcribe does. It has the potential of being even better and I am going to leave a review and suggestions for improvement ..been meaning to do this.

Like your blog….common sense and straight forward. I belong to the SayWhat forum and continue to learn from them.

Regards from Florida Mary


Thank you for the blog. I will start reading it this week. I really don't follow anyone other than this site. I have read books on it. I am always trying to find better ways of improving my hearing. Thanks again.


So, when I started researching and investigating hearing loss, your blog would appear from time to time. Never blogged. This led to HLAA, more blogs, Ida, more research, and now here. Appreciate it. Don't stop.

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