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Headaches/tremors with memory loss

Posted by @chrissylou29 in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 26, 2011

I am wondering if there is anyone out there who can help us- My 15 year old son recently began having issues with his memory- this combined with a headache (constant). This then evolved further with an episode of seizure-like activity- which has left him with L-side weakness, tremors in his hand, leg, and facial tics, all also left-sided. The headache continues, states the pain remains about a 6 all over, with the worst of the pain on the left side of his head. (This all came on over a 2-week period). Mild occasional memory loss continues. We have spent nearly 2 weeks in 2 different hospitals. (CT, MRI, Spinal, numerous blood tests etc) The docs have said since nothing has come back with any indications, that it has to be stress, and they want to send him to a psychologist. Ok, so I do know that stress does awful things to your body- (I am a nurse, I do see alot) but my gut says otherwise. There have been no outstanding events in my son's life, no changes in school, friends, and believe me we have quizzed any and all we could to find out- my son emphatically states that things are fine. He is frustrated as the headaches continue, making it tough to get back to school. I don't feel my son is depressed. So...anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I am pondering requesting an appt with Mayo if the symptoms don't improve- (yes, we did even agree to send him to therapy, even to rule out this avenue). May I also add, that the girl who sat behind him at school came down with similar symptoms, the same week, and her parents are running into the same brick wall that we are- to quote our last Neuro- "maybe they are both stressed". Frustration!

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Posted by @elizabethrice, Sep 28, 2011

Thanks for sharing your experience. While we cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis in this forum, please select the "Request an Appointment" button at the top of the page if you'd like to go to one of our Mayo Clinic campuses for an evaluation.

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Posted by @anon21570585, Feb 4, 2012

Could be a paralytic migraine... I had one that lasted 8 weeks and caused my brain to swell and had many of the symptoms you mentioned with tremors and one side weakness, also had temporary paralysis of one side. I was referred to a neurologist and was put on beta blockers to prevent recurrence and steroids for the brain swelling and severe headache. That was a few year ago and I went off all medication within a year. I have had a couple much less serious recurrences but nothing more.


Posted by @jocienance, May 26, 2012

I had the same thing happen to me in August. The seizures happened twice and they were atypical. I was conscious and they last 45 minute then the doctors gave me shot of muscle relaxers. The only difference with mine was that it was on the right side. My face dropped and it was almost as though I had a stroke. They diagnosed it has an atypical migraine, but I still believe that they are wrong because I have had many other symptoms. I am traveling to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis in 2 weeks. Read my post in unknown health issues to learn more. I am also 15 years old.


Posted by @lo, Oct 11, 2011

Has anyone tried an EMG test on his muscles? If not get one done by a neurologist. I have both Generlized Dystonia and Blepharospasms Plus and Pain Dyregulation.....low on the Levsaadopa. My son has it too. I am weak on the left side. The EMG light up when they put the needles in.


Posted by @elegiamore, Oct 26, 2011

Do NOT buy the shrink stuff - that is what EVERY inferior doctor says when they have no idea. Looks to me that you have a VIRAL thing going on with your son and the girl sitting next to him. Look into post viral infections like CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME.
I would get more ideas as to the area of illness BEFORE you go to Mayo as they waste a lot of time with unnecessary testing when you show up with no ideas. And depending on the illness, other clinics might be better, such as Cleveland Clinic.
GOOD LUCK and don't stop looking - he has something significantly wrong.


Posted by @anon78811507, Dec 30, 2012

Stevens Johnson's syndrome


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 28, 2011

perhaps they both ate something they never eat, even a certain spice, or shellfish and it could be reaction to allergy/toxin or if they walked where heavy construction was taking place, reaction to something in soil/cement. did they both have a recent vaccination


Posted by @joj85, Jan 21, 2012

Maybe look into endocrine? Adrenals, pituitary, thyroid. Those and sometimes seem neurological in symptoms as well. Good luck!


Posted by @anon73522656, Sep 18, 2012

I dont know have u gone through EEG,EMG,Vascular scanning specially for cardiac or carotid insufficiency,
Nerve conduction study etc.
These all if done might have a clue for the mentioned problem.
More I would like to tell u is that homeopathy has sure cure for this problem as I am a homeopath
So u can consult a good homeopath and I m sure u will not be disappointed

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Posted by @vanseters, Nov 1, 2012

You have been given a great deal of good anecdotal advice, all worthy of Merit. However rather than look for the name of a disease I would recommend something different. You being a nurse is going to help a lot.

Get a white board or index cards. Categorize them first into "Body System." - I can practically hear the frustrated sigh, and it's understandable, but take a breath and just try this; it forces you to compartmentalize as well as forcing you to move forward perpetually.

So, again, first body systems, for example; seizures would have at least two cards, Neurological as well as Muscular-Skeletal. Write and categorize EVERY SYMPTOM no matter how many occurrences or possible events that can be debunked ( so-to-speak .)

Once you have them categorized put them in order of most severe to least.

After that, take the most severe from each category and number them from most to least severe.

Now you are simply studying AND you are only looking at ONE problem. For example there are only so many things that cause seizure activity, remember the simplest explanation is often the correct one. So, the most common seizure in children is a Febrile Seizure. Here is where most mistakes are made.

Many people will say "we'll he doesn't have a fever so it can't be that!" Dig deeper, why does a fever cause a seizure? Well, why would the body have a fever? Infection?; possible. Inflammation, probably! So, is it pyretic or inflammatory... You immediately narrow the spectrum, once you have it narrowed down then re-score; is inflammation as severe as his other systems, you'll find that within just a few hours you will have broken down majors to minors; from there you start again;

For example, think clinically, take what you have left and run a scenario; "PT presents with migraines & joint pain most likely causes by inflammation. Furthermore; during a neurological event PT EXHIBITS partial memory loss - does that fit with seizure activity or convulsion?

This is incredibly useful. I was able to help a friend who had suffered for years find out he had two pheochromocytomas - just in time to as they were less than a week away from attaching a colonoscopy bags. Let use know the first deductive symptom you come up with so we can assist.

Hope this helped

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Posted by @anon78811507, Dec 30, 2012

Bone diseases


Posted by @vanseters, Dec 15, 2012

Chrissy Lou,

Any update?


Posted by @danielnavarrete365, May 9, 2013

A possibility, due to his young age, may be Vasovagal syncope. Very common in teens. Headaches and even white outs are common. It's a condition one grows out of so don't worry. Keeping electrolytes up is a big thing, so keep some Gatorade handy. Also, exercise is key, a lot of cardio to keep the blood pumping. A big cause for this condition is simply because of undeveloped vascular muscles in the legs, not allowing enough blood to reach the brain, therefore causing headaches.


Posted by @anon20432567, Jul 9, 2013

Have they been checked for West Nile?


Posted by @mandyvettech, Sep 20, 2013

Well I have been going through very similar symptoms for almost 4 years now. I have syncope episodes no doc can figure out. I have been to 9 specialist and also am contemplating going to Mayo.. I'm sorry but when doctors don't know what's wrong they claim its stress, anxiety, or depression. If your son is sick, you fight and don't take stress as an answer. I finally am getting some not so warming answers like possible MS, or seizures, or amyloidosis. Consider seeing an infectious disease doctor because I work with animals and there is a lot of nasty parasites and bacteria they can pick up.. If other classmate has this too, get any info u can.. If they hang together and were.. Any swimming in warm water recently?

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