Headaches from Zoloft withdrawal?

Posted by js @jstarkman, Mar 23 6:55am

I have been on a low dose.25/.5 Rx of Zoloft for 20+ years and feel it’s time to get off it… I tapered down to .25 for 3 weeks and then stopped after another week - since then I have had a wicked headache now for about 10 days, sometimes almost migraine like. Is this normal? Did I quit too quickly? How long will this last?

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Tapering too quickly would be my guess.
Have you considered restarting Zoloft and see if your headaches improve?
If so taper much slower and try increasing the time between cuts as well.
Just go SLOWER. Tapering too fast has caused seizures in some people.
Take care,


I take zoloft to and there has been time I was out of it until I seen the doctor it made me feel weird and yes I got headaches also so if u want to get off them I would talk to your doctor to see how u could go about doing that ...Good luck ..

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