Posted by archer @archer, Nov 26, 2019

Am currently taking Metoprolol (50 mg morning and night, and Losartan 25 mg morning and night). In the last two weeks, my dizziness has become much worse and chest pains more frequent. As a result, my doctor has upped the Losartan to 50 mg morning and night and plans to check for improvement within 6-8 weeks. We were wondering if this scenario is typical. Somehow, we thought, probably erroneously, that the Metoprolol would be the med to adjust.

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we cannot give medical advice of course but I can share my experience. when I was obstructed and diagnosed the first thing my doc did was take me off Losartan because it includes a diuretic and diuretics can be dangerous for people with the obstructed form of the disease. I do not know if all forms of Losartan include a diuretic or if you are obstructed.


—Sincere thanks for the info. Will speak with my doctor as soon as possible. Not sure if there is obstruction.

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