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Have you heard of this?

Posted by @janicelm in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 11, 2011

My mother is 81 years old. Very active, sociable, vibrant. Several months ago, she went to bed and woke up literally a different person. She does not have dementia and she's aware that something's "wrong" with her. Her personality has become very "flat" - very little emotion. Sits and stares. Can't process tv shows well. Doesn't do her normal daily household chores unless suggested to her. But once suggested to her, then she's immediately up and doing it. Doesn't interact at all. Has anyone ever heard of this? We are distraught

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Posted by @marshall, Oct 16, 2011

wierd, better see a doctor. Storke?


Posted by @janicelm, Oct 17, 2011

Yes, we've seen a number of doctors who've said it must be anxiety or depression. Anxiety and depression meds however do not make a difference. Neurologist's tests have cleared her of any brain tumors, closed arteries, etc. Psychiatrists won't take WellCare (form of medicare). We need some direction on how to treat this. Thank you


Posted by @jadee, Oct 17, 2011

Anxiety/Depression would not allow you to not process and TV show. Sometime I think if a doctor is stumped they blame anxiety and depression. This really sounds like a stroke. Hope you get some answers soon


Posted by @nancyd, Oct 28, 2011

Sounds like the onset of alzeihemers.I would get her started on aricept


Posted by @pattygray, Oct 19, 2011

How terrible for you and her! For this to have happened over night, it certainly sounds like a "mini" stroke(eschemic-spelling not right?)to me. Has she been checked specifically for a stroke because this can be done. Eighty-one is certainly not considered old these days...God bless


Posted by @janicelm, Oct 23, 2011

Yes, she's been cleared by a neurologist - no stroke, seizure, or tumors. But they can't tell us what it IS. Still need some direction


Posted by @debera, Oct 27, 2011

My Mother was ok one day had what we thought was a mini stroke but turns out she has Alzheimers at age 75. She also has 50% heart function and 45% kidney. About 5 years ago she had 7% heart function when she went into surgery. Has she been checked for frontal lobe lesions? Sorry to hear about your mother. Mine is under hospice care as her body and now her mind is shutting down.


Posted by @deliasanderson, Nov 6, 2011


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