Taking Levothyroxine for Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Posted by UpNorth @taffmorello, Oct 22, 2016

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and have been taking levothyroxine since April. (I should add i also had a heart attack and two stents placed in LAD and RCA in April, as well) and am taking medications for that as well. Yesterday, October 22, I started having terrible pain in my right hip joint and cannot find a way to get comfortable when lying down or sitting, but if i walk fast it hurts less than when I walk slow or sit. Has anyone had any joint pain side effects from levothyroxine?

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@taffmorello, I am sorry you are experiencing hip pain and hope by now it has resolved or is at least less severe. I have been taking levothyroxine since 2001 and can say with some certainly that it has not caused joint pain. However, I have experienced two "bouts" of inflammatory join pain (inflamed nodes) in fingers/hand over the past 10 years which were attributed to stress induced inflammatory joint pain, which resolved after several weeks each time. I have been told that having one autoimmune disease makes us more likely to have another, so they tested me for rheumatoid arthritis and for lupus; while I had a slightly raised ANA, I don't have enough "criteria" to be diagnosed with either.

My mom suffers from fibromyalgia (she does not have hashimotos, and she is not on levothyroxine). She was diagnosed in the 1970s at Mayo clinic. Her fibro primarily affects her hip joints. She also now has bursitis in one hip, which has been difficult to treat (the shots of corticosteroid have not gone into the bursa, and have instead caused more pain). I am mentioning these in case your hip pain might be due to a similar cause. Her fibro flares less when her weight is controlled. She has also been told that when she exercises (she walks for exercise) she needs to stretch more first, to prevent injury. She had dementia, and forgets to "warm up."

I hope your issue can be resolved quickly.


I've been reading about this autoimmune disorder and am being led to believe it might be reversed with the proper healing diet. Only problem is so much information conflicts with each other. No sugar, wheat or cruciferous veggies seems to be consistent guidelines, but everything else is up in the air. Would also love to drop pounds which is so difficult with thyroid issues. Any advice please?


Hello @lindalaural, and welcome Connect,

That's a great question, especially with all the changing recommendations for diets. You will see that I've moved your post to this discussion in the Diabetes/Endocrine group, and I'm tagging @taterjoy, @michellecrcrn, @kyjeanne, @dogmamat, @sebley12, @jillnc, @taffmorello, all of whom have experience with Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

Mayo Clinic News Network also answered that very question recently, and you can read it here: http://mayocl.in/2nYHEDJ

@lindalaural, when were you diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis? Have you made any significant dietary changes?


Thank you! Yes, diagnosed about 4 years ago. Recently had an ultra sounds that showed only 1/3 of my thyroid remaining. I have been unable to find any dr. Who knows much about this and have been given little info regarding diet,lifestyle change. After years of going through some junk, I have an appointment at Mayo's coming up April 10. I've tried several diets, including high fat/moderate protien, Atkins type diet (which may be the best so far), everything in moderation diet. I read so much and have confused myself. While every body is different, sure wish I could know what's best for my condition. Will anxiously read your recommendation.

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