Has anyone heard of/used the AeroNeb Go mesh nebulizer?

Posted by thorne @thorne, Jun 10 10:15am

I am still trying to find something that works as well as the Innospire and I found a NIH clinical paper mentioning the AeroNeb Go which has a similar medication particle size. But very few places sell it so I am wondering why more people aren't using it.

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For several years, I have used both 3% or 3.5% saline solutions in my Innospire Go nebulizer and I have not had any issues. After each use, I always rinse with warm water, let the nebulizer run for about a minute with the warm water in the basin then, after I dump the water I let the nebulizer run until I get the beep that indicates that it is empty. I then clean the solution basin and mouthpiece with a small alcohol wipe (about a 1" square likely used by diabetics).

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That is interesting. Is the alcohol wipe the only sterilization you do -- no boiling or baby bottle sterilizer? And is the warm water boiled and/or distilled or just normal?

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