Has anyone had HPV 16 positive for cancer?

Posted by 4chickens @4chickens, May 21 7:42pm

Had a lymph node removed it was large and swollen it had to be removed! Biopsy came back positive for cancer! Starting radiation June 1

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My husband was diagnosed HPV16positive due to a swollen lymph node in his neck around this time last year. He went through a further test where his throat, tongue,etc were studied under sedative to obtain a biopsy since lymph nodes are not usually the primary site, I believe. A stage 1 hpv16+ site was found on the back of his tongue. Again, I think that normally the first step would be to remove the site surgically. My husband has advanced congestive heart disease and stage 4 chronic kidney disease(due to a heart attack the year before)so surgery wasn’t done but he did have 35 sessions of radiation and 7 sessions of monoclonal antibody therapy(the gold standard for head and neck cancer is cisplatin chemo with Carboplatin chemo being the alternative). It was a very tough few months but his recovery hasn’t been terrible and he’s able to golf and boat again less than a year later! Hang in there!


Thank you so much for the information, I had it in the groin area. Glad all is good,


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I'm thinking of you as you prepare to start radition tomorrow. How many treatments will you have? How are you doing?


I also had it in my groin and finished radiation with cisplatin March of this year. It was squamous cell. They never determined where the primary source was. Do you know what the primary source of your cancer is? will they be using Cisplatin as well. Good luck today. You've got this!!


@4chickens All the best to you as you begin radiation today. I had radiation therapy for a recurrence of endometrial cancer in 2021. It took me longer to get ready for the treatments and change my clothes than it did for the actual radiation. I’m hoping it will be this easy for you, too.

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