Anyone had a prophylactic mastectomy for ADH diagnosis?

Posted by elliejk @elliejk, Nov 11, 2022

Recently diagnosed. Considering DMX. If I do it what monitoring needs to be done? Do I still need hormone therapy?

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Just a lumpectomy after microcalcifications we’re seen and biopsy revealed ADH. They didn’t find anymore ADH so I’m on the 6 month monitor. Double mastectomy seems extreme but I was ready to do that when I initially got the ADH diagnosis. But my doctor laughed - not in a mean way. I went right to worse case scenario lol. I’ll be checked every 6 months for the rest of my life.

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My diagnosis came in March . Had surgery . And was put on Tamoxifen. Had to stop because of extreme side effects. This was to remove estrogen . I’m 68 I’m on mammograms scheduled twice a year . I wish there was more information and someone to talk to me and clarify . I’ve had five biopsies on one side and a lumpectomy on the other . So full of anxiety over this. As mother and sister had breast cancer. Thinking of you and letting you know you are not alone ..

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