Has anyone ever been cured of MAC?

Posted by lmh7 @lmh7, Oct 17, 2018

Has anyone ever been cured of MAC? Or even for at least 20 plus years?

@lmh7 Hi. It is called 'conversion' when a mac patient gets 'cured'. I hope someone who has had mac and it was gone for many years; will jump in and share it with us. I have been free of MAC for five yrs. I did, however, contract a pseudomonas infection in 2016 and that was quickly irradicated. I am staying infection free by taking low doses of monthly antibiotics. Because most of us have bronchiectasis as well; we tend to be prone to catching these bugs. Have you read about how to avoid re-infection?


@lmh7 How To Prevent Re-Infection

Causes in the home can be curtailed to some extent. Turn your hot water heater temperature up to 130 degrees (use caution with children in the house as this is a scalding temperature).Take a bath instead of a shower. The splashes and steam from the shower get inhaled. Remember your hot water tank and the shower head are the biggest offenders for harboring mac and/or other dangerous mycobacteriums. Your shower head should be soaked in vinegar every 6 months or less. It can be removed (ideally) and soaked, or a baggie with vinegar in it wire-tied over the shower head while still in place. It should be left soaking for at least thirty minutes.

Change water filters every two months or boil your drinking water. Do not use ice cubes that your freezer makes or drink the water from the door. That water sits in a bladder inside your refrigerator next to warming elements and breeds mac.

Avoid swimming pools, steam rooms, and hot tubs, and facials using steam. (I know, I just sucked all of the joy out of your life – I‘m sorry.) Avoid unnecessary visits to people in the hospital or nursing homes. These two places tend to harbor some of the very bad infectious bacterias like: m. abscessus, serratia marcescens, and most notoriously klebsiella pneumonia. These last three are particularly bad because they are hard to treat and are famous for being antibiotic resistant. There are new drugs on the horizon that seem to be promising for combating these, but have not been released by the FDA yet. I hate to tell you this, but Florida is one of the hotbeds for mac infections, so you need to be more aware of your lifestyle. Do you have any questions about this?

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