Has anyone been seen at one of the Mayo Epilepsy clinics?

Posted by dap @dap, Jan 1, 2020

My husband has an appointment upcoming at the Mayo Epilepsy clinic in Jacksonville, FL. What can we expect? They have all the records they requested. My husband is a stroke survivor that has had about 6 seizures in 2 years. He is on a lot of medication for a 77 year old person. Keppra 2000 mg a day, Vimpat 200 mg a day, and Lamictal 300 a day. He seems to be having rapid decline in memory and cognition since the Keppra went up and then the other two medications were added. I presume he will have an assessment interview and then maybe testing or options on medication changes? Any help would be welcome!


We are about to do the video EEG my daughter is 15 yrs ..are you able to connect directly off this discussion board? I feel like we have similar situations with our kids

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Hi, @cc001 – just wondering how the video EEG went for your daughter and what you learned from it?

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