Has anyone been diagnosed/treated at Cleveland Clinic Weston FL?

Posted by shelahsegal @shelahsegal, Oct 30 12:09pm

I am scheduled to have a bronchoscopy in mid-November to confirm suspected MAC since I haven't been able to cough up anything. My doctor is a pulmonologist at Cleveland Clinic, Weston, FL.
After reading up on this illness here and at the NJH website, I get the impression that the way the samples are analyzed, i.e. the specific information provided by the particular lab, can be vitally important in determining the treatment protocol that is most likely to succeed.
I have a virtual appointment with the doctor who will be performing the bronchoscopy and want to ask the right questions so that I can feel confident that I will end up on the right path.
I would appreciate any advice on what questions to ask.
Also, has anyone here actually been diagnosed and/or treated by doctors at this hospital? If so, I hope you can share your experiences, good and/or bad.
I want to feel safe and confident in the hands of whoever I see so I am willing to travel from South Florida for diagnosis and/or treatment if it makes sense, but obviously that would be quite difficult, both logistically and financially.
I am grateful for this wonderful group and value any thoughts you may want to share!

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