great saphenous vein ablation

Posted by charlena @charlena, Apr 7, 2017

Not sure this is the correct group for this, but didn’t see any page for this. My husband is getting ready to have great saphenous vein ablation to take care of varicose veins. I am wondering if anyone here has had this procedure and what was the outcome? Thank you.

Hello @charlena, thank you for posting this question in the Men’s Health group and I apologize for the delayed response.

I would like to invite @gonefishinmt to the conversation as he discussed having this surgery done in 2012.

I am also tagging @lizziemnz, @cbs61752, and @patreats5674, who all discussed treatments for varicose veins.

@charlena, is the great saphenous vein causing your husband a great deal of pain? What concerns you most about the ablation?

He doesn’t have pain, the veins are numerous and bleed very easily. Due to him being pre-disposed to cellulitis, any cutting of his skin is concerning. I am also concerned regarding circulation in the legs- the lymphatic system is destroyed in left leg. I am totally unsure if this surgery will further complicate this condition. Thank you.

Hi Charlena, I had radio frequency ablation on both legs last August. The catheter is introduced to the vein by a very small needle, no cuts. The worse thing was having to wear support stockings for two weeks! I haven’t had any problems.

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