What are the best ways to manage Gout? Diet ideas welcome

Posted by mgmpops44 @mgmpops44, Dec 15, 2017

I have high Uric acid due to my kidneys not performing as they should. My doctor told me my kidneys are not a problem now, but they could get worse. I need to find out what I need to do as far as diet and what I cannot eat or eat less of. There are so many opinions out there and I am rather confused.


Thank you John. You are a help to many in this group and in the PN group which I also belong to. My God bless you! Terry

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Thank you for the kind words Terry!

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Talk to your doc about Allopurinol. Works for me. I take it every day and haven't had a gout
attack in over 30 years.


I had bad pain from Gout 10 years ago My MD put me on Alluprinal 300 mg. Have not had any issues since I started on this medication. I have also cut way down on red meat. I have been wondering if I should stop to see if it comes back. I always check my annual checkup for the blood test to make sure liver was not bothered by this medication. Any thoughts on stopping the medication?


At seventy, I've never done 'medication'. The only time I did any 'medication', was back in 1988 when I had a splitting migraine and took half a Panadol. Drugs only mask the symptom. I've always been mesmerized by allegedly intelligent people who use such chemicals in the body. You can't poison your way to good health!

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