Good days v bad days with Lewy body

Posted by Jen @jen26, Dec 8, 2021

In the ebb and flow of Lewy bodies, how long has anyone’s LO ever remained at or near their baseline? My husband has been doing very well. He has been ALMOST his former self for almost 2 weeks now. Is this typical? Or am I just hoping this was all a bad dream and this is how he’ll be from now on?

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Hi @jen26 good to hear from you again. First I have to give you a chuckle. Your use of the acronym LO sent me off looking for a medical abbreviation. I thought this might be a new indicator for Lewy body, only to discover that you meant loved one (LO).

In my humble opinion, I say enjoy this time with your husband. Don't think about how long it might last or not. While it may be different tomorrow or in weeks or months, things are good right now. Seize the moment.

Allow me to tag others who know know first hand about the ebb and flow of Lewy body like @larryh123 @raebaby @mth @shirlpat @telios @hitt @teacher502

Jen, what activities are bringing you both joy these days?

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