Glomus tumor of middle ear

Posted by tabitabo @tabitabo, Oct 29 3:19pm

I have diagnosed with glomus tumor of middle ear since june2023. Doctors suggested me to do cyberknife radio surgery so i habe had my surgery in july 2023. They gave me only one dose of rays as my tumor size is small and the said after 6 months again MRI brain and audiometry test is required. It's been 3 months now i have some issues related to eyes. I chekcked my eyesight they said it is totally fine so may be its because of ur ear problem. But now i feel that my head is shaky from inside and that cause my whole body is shaky whenever i am sitting, walking, standing or lying in the bed i feel like my body is shaking from inside. Is it related to ear problem??

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Hello @tabitabo and welcome to Connect. While I did not have the same tumor location as you, I did have extensive surgery for a tumor in my ear followed by 7 weeks of radiation. In my experience the radiation causes changes months and years after it was finished ( 11 years ago). My doctors at Mayo ENT agree that even now my worsening hearing is due to radiation damage. I would certainly believe that your symptoms are related to your procedure and that you should discuss this with your surgeon and radiologist. There may be something they can prescribe to help you before it gets worse. If you get no answers, consider referral to an ENT specialist at a large cancer center. Good luck to you.


Thanku so much
Can u please tell me did ur symptoms were same like u feel vertigo and headaches. I some time feel very fatigue

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