Glioblastoma Multiforme and Cognitive Loss

Posted by nursnis @nursnis, Sep 5, 2018

Has anyone experienced removal of a temporal lobe Glio with cognitive loss at surgery – not to recover cognitively, but better physically? Would like to discuss that aspect of that diagnosis


Thanks for asking Colleen. She is back in a home and her left side is immobile – we think she may have had a TIA last week and that is what caused the stroke like symptoms. She sleeps about 18 hrs/day now. Doesn't talk a lot, but still knows us all. Has to be totally cared for – does eat, but makes a huge mess and always needs help. It is so very sad to see her like this. I guess it's all the normal progression. I hope peace will come to her sooner rather than later.. Very tough to see her husband and siblings watch her also.

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Hi, @nursnis – thinking of you and your sister today. Wondering how she is doing?

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