Glaucoma and bowel movement straining!

Posted by evw100 @ew100, Jul 6, 2019

Does straining during bowel movement raise eye pressure & damage optic nerve? Mayo Clinic website doesn't list this as one of the risk factor for glaucoma. Thank you!

Hi @evw100 that is a very interesting question. I did find on the Mayo glaucoma page, that high blood pressure can be a risk factor, which straining during bowel movement would increase your blood pressure. Have you brought this up to your doctor? Do you currently experience glaucoma symptoms?


@ew100 As Ethan said straining will increase blood pressure if its not under control Have you talked to your Dr. about your concern ? Maybe just a stool softner would help or something else . I would talk to your Dr. or Pharmacist and see what they recommend . If your concerned about glaucoma see you eye Dr. But don't just guess or let it worry you go find out .


Hi Ethan & lioness, Thanks for your input! I'll ask my ophthalmologist on Thursday if he doesn't rush out before I can ask any questions! He said I have mild stage open-angel glaucoma. The first prescribed eye drop didn't bring the eye pressure down, so he prescribed a different one. Hopefully, I'll hear good news that this one works! I'm not looking for laser treatment. I'll be 79 yrs old next month. I have Myopic Degeneration and cataract. One of the surgery risks is retina detachment because of my thinning retina!

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