Getting covid with MAC

Posted by kathyhg @kathyhg, Aug 12 6:56am

I’m just wondering if many people here have gotten covid? I’ve managed to avoid it so far but it’s getting increasingly challenging as restrictions have been lifted (Canada) and life has gone back to “normal” for most people. I still mask, practice social distancing and avoid crowded indoor places but it’s always a nagging fear for me.

I’d really be interested in knowing what sort of symptoms people got with covid, recovery, etc.

Thanks in advance,

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Me Too!! My hubby is in constant fear that I may get it because I have Bronchiectasis & MAC


My sister has MAC & bronchiectasis & just came down with Covid two days ago. She’s taking Tylenol for fever but so far nothing horrible. Take care.


I have bronchiectasis. Previously tested positive for Mac (Dec 2019). Last two test have not shown Mac. I’ve spent the last 2 years fearing Covid. Thankfully I didn’t have the earlier versions that were so deadly. However, I had Covid last week. Immediately went to Urgent Care for test (tested neg at home night before) and tested positive. They gave me monoclonal antigens intravenously. Said I would feel better by night. And I did slightly. Fever broke by early morning so probably 18 hrs later and aches were gone. That doesn’t mean I felt good but some relief. I continued to nebulize 7% saline and levalbutarol. Certainly coughed more than before, but was tolerable. My biggest and longest lasting symptom was my head was full I felt possessed by mucus 😄. Began nasal washes as well as neb bing 2 x day. Each day I felt better and could see hope. By day 7 I was doing well and declared not contagious.

However, my husband who has lymphoma did not respond as well to the antigen. He had a horrible sore throat and almost choking cough. He is much better, but continues to cough phlegm. Praying for this to clear as he starts chemo in a week.

I had been working with a naturopathy dr since March of 2020 to build my immunity. Plus doing Qinong. I think this all helped me do better. The Dr. at Urgent Care said this variant is so contagious you can’t hide from it. Second only to measles. So, continue your diligence to protect yourself.

By the way, we passed this on to our grandchildren, one with lung weakness. One only had sniffles one day, but tested positive. Lung weakness child had a fever for 24 hrs. Dr said many children have no symptoms.

Hoping you all stay well and, if not, that you can do as well as I did!

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