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GBS (Guillian Barre Syndrome)

Posted by @sivai29 in Just Want to Talk, Aug 27, 2011

I am recovering from GBS, it's going on 11yrs. now. I still have faith in finding a way of standing and walking. Also to get my upper mobility back stronger. I am now seeking for help outside of Hawaii. I want to see if a clinic or other facilities can help me. Pls I am asking for more information and help? I still have faith and the will to become independent again. I want to give my daugther her life back. She has been my caregiver straight out of high school @ 18teen til now. I thank the LORD for all she has done for me. Now I want better for her and I. Is there a DR., SPECIALIST, THERAPIST or person that can help me?

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Posted by @sibshrink, Aug 27, 2011

There are excellent neuropathy centers with lots of experience in GBS.
The Neuropathy Association ( lists resources and doctors, and The Peripheral Neuropathy Support Network ( is a web based support service that tries to provide advice and resources. In addition the GBS/CIDP Foundation International ( lists centers of excellence. Even though GBS is a rare illness, there is help! If you contact and send in a question tell Gene Richardson (who runs it) that Dr. Berman (me) told you to write--I am on his Board and Gene often sends out emails collecting information to help specific people. We are a nonprofit and our resources are free. Hang in there!--Scott


Posted by @sivai29, Aug 27, 2011

Thank you, Dr. Berman for pointing me towards help and hope again. I will definitely write to him. God Bless you & have a wonderful weekend. Pat


Posted by @sibshrink, Aug 27, 2011

Good luck Pat and I hope to hear that you were able to find some help!--Scott


Posted by @schraufh9, Feb 14, 2012

Thank you for the reply. I have suffered from an illness my whole life. Now I have been diagnosed with a neurological pathology, and have relief from a constant suffering.


Posted by @briant, Apr 13, 2012

i got gbs in nov with life threatening complications. 8 days in ICU ,30 bottles IVIG , and 3 times given last rites.Somehow survived it all. Both feet from knee down paralyzed. I am starting K- laser therapy next week.Mabey it would be an option for you also.It is a non surgical,rug free,treatment option. I"ll keep you posted on progress.good luck!


Posted by @sivai29, Apr 14, 2012

Thank you, Brian I am so, interested in your new journey. I am willing to fly out and try it myself. If it will bring back the use of my hands and help me walk again. I'm in and all for it, 11yrs. with gbs still seeking answers. Therapists and Dr.'s who would help me restore my strenght. I've never given up hope or faith in my long journey. Where there's a will, There's a way. God Bess you and Goodluck!!! Pat in honolulu, hawaii. My prayers are with you.


Posted by @okieborn55, Apr 12, 2013

My husband has just been dx'd with GBS & it seems to be an ongoing nightmare. He went into the hospital to have a fistula in his brain repaired on April 26, 2013 & has been in ICU 3 days, hospital room 6 days (with 5 days IVIg) & is now in an inpatient rehabilitative facility. He is so depressed & the doctors don't seem to be too sure of this dx. He had a spinal tap & the protien in his spine was high. We too are looking for answers & help.


Posted by @uriegas, Mar 20, 2016

Hello, on january 2015, my dad woke up with Guillian barre syndrome. The
doctors told us he would never be able to move. Now he moves alot. He has a
tract it helps him breath. Recently, the doctors told us that the guillian
barre syndrome did its damage n now it is MDR Kleibsiella. My dad is so
skinny, so drained but he has a strong will because he moves alot. He wants
n tries to get up. I was wondering can we use stem cells to help reverse
his condition. Please respond to me.

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