Glioblastoma (GBM) trials and therapeutic devices (Optune)

Posted by marcyprof @marcyprof, Feb 11, 2019

Allo, I'm looking for a page on GBM trials. I'm particulary interest in the Optune-Novocure TTFields device which is really hard to benefit in Quebec Canada. I just find another similar physical device called Nativis Voyager. Do you have scientific information about this new Nativis Voyager technology?

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Who is using this device and what are the pros and cons?

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I use it. In theory it can prolong life but not way to quantify the quality of life. To carry the unit is a pain. Battery life only about 2.5 hrs. Can make scalp burn at night. Support staff mainly refers questions Bach to ruing Dr. Doctors with limited experience.
I have been on it 3 weeks. Longest sleep cycle has been 😭 6 hrs. Staff has obviously not needed to wear a unit. They need a sleep center to teach patients how to live with this development device. Alarm goes off almost every 2/ hrs some nights. Sleep and pain Rx should come. With unit. Pelican case advertises a valuable item in your hatch back. Case needs a security cable to lock in car. Also needs a car adapter for long drives.


My 86 year old husband was approved for Optune. The device was delivered, and we had a 2+ hour training session, which was comprehensive. Unfortunately, my husband could not tolerate the Optune device. He has some confusion, and after he slept upon awakening he would remove one or more of the arrays. After this happened several times, we concluded that he simply could not adjust to wearing the device. I was very disappointed because we were hopeful that the device would provide some quality time. Fortunately, his response to the radiation and chemotherapy treatments have been optimal. After nine months his tumor has shrunk considerably. The biopsy did not yield enough tissue to determine if he is MGMT positive.

Bottom line, for older patients or those with confusion or dementia, this device is very hard to tolerate. The patient must be very committed to wearing a device. Having a committed caregiver is not enough.


My husband was offered this device…..found out because he has a Pacemaker he was unqualified for it

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