Considering Gastric Sleeve: Would you do it again? Risks?

Posted by abonilla @abonilla, Sep 14, 2021

I’m “only” 38 and my BMI is 37 – I’m ready for a Sleeve but I’m concerned about risks and life expectancy. I’m otherwise healthy but have high blood pressure and take meds. Did you have a Sleeve? How safe have you felt throughout the process and surgery and would you do it again?

Thanks in advance!

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How much did you lose? Did you keep it off? I’m 69 and thinking about having the surgery. I just had hernia surgery a few days ago. I’ve had three doctors tell me if I don’t lose weight I’m going to die. I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I eat because it taste good. I have all the same problems you had. I also had a heart ablation last year. I don’t do surgeries well. Any advice you could give me would be highly appreciated.

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I lost 200 pounds in about 9 months then gradually gained it back, not all of it though. I stayed steady at about 225, for about 20 years. Then I went back and forth, winter weight, if I drank pepsi , I would go up to 250 then back to 225. I was weighed today, 221.My white blood count was up, so the knee surgeon wanted to look at the foot.He thought maybe I had a infection.I do not see my foot Dr. until Friday.I’m 56 years old and Im going on my 15 operation. I have one more good recovery in me I think. I’m going to get my body ready for a 15 to 20 year run. I’am going to work hard ,save my money and hope for a good retirement for 10 years.I have a lot of faith. The main thing is exercise, every time I did, eat the rite foods. I had a good run of health.I have been working for 40 years, I owne my own company . So I need the time to get some fun left in me .Well take care hope all is well. Martin


I had my first stapling done in 1978 along with removal of my gallbladder, I was 22yrs and weighed 298. At that time the staple line was being done horizontally and over time as food sat on top of the line it was disrupted and the upper stomach muscle distended. The weight returned and by the age of 30 I was having abdominal pain and gerd. I was advised to have the staple line revised as it was now being done vertically to eliminate this issue. I had the revision surgery but developed peritonitis as a result of the stomach muscle being so distended. There were numerous complications and 3 following surgeries. After an almost 5-month hospital stay, 2 months in the intensive care unit, I survived, Thank You Hermann Hospital Houston! I of course after that achieved weight loss and have lived with the ensuing issues ever since, Barret's Esophagus, numerous dilatations and scopes to name a few. I would indeed have the operation again given all I went through and still manage as a consequence. The weight loss truly transformed my life, my career and my outlook on the people around me and their prejudice against obesity. I am convinced that a "set Point" weight is somehow genetic since out of 5 siblings raised on the same home style diet I was the only one to become obese at a preschool age and it remained that way to this day.
There are absolutely risks involved in this surgery that will change your lifestyle, you must consider them seriously before deciding if you could live with them.


I was up to 320 I had the RNY bypass after complications from the gastric lap . The sweet taste of being thin was worth it despite complications
Now 166. Complications were medically resolved despite adhesions, and a couple blockages And as a benefit, your life expectancy substantially increases

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