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Gastric Sleeve Bypass

Posted by @Bill_M in Diabetes/Endocrine System, Aug 2, 2014

I am a candidate for GSB. My BMI is 36.4 and I am age 67 and diabetes is getting worse. They indicated weight loss in MY CASE will not probably work although I am about 75# overweight. They feel the STATS say in 80% of cases with GSBypass that diabetes abates or goes away in the first few months. I am considering GSB for that reason. I want the next 15-20 years of quality life compared to all the BAD things they say are coming. I am in the final phases of having surgery scheduled and wonder if anyone can comment on their success and how hard it was to adapt to lifestyle, etc. Help please???

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Posted by @Bill_M, Aug 2, 2014

AND the success with your GSB and abating or losing diabetes symptoms...

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Aug 4, 2014

Hi, @Bill_M. Here's information on a gastric bypass diet that may be helpful for you:


Posted by @Bill_M, Aug 4, 2014

Thanks for the info. Yes I've read this. My main purpose is to abate my diabetes. I really am wanting to find people that have had success with this problem via GSB...Thank you again.


Posted by @reallyrosie, Aug 6, 2014

Change after any wls is nrar impossible. I was sleeved 12/5/2011. I was 427 highest wt and am 188 now. I like my new body and better ability to move it. I HATE worryog abt diet and food. I HATEbeing rigid about whatci can/cant eat. But I am sometimes glad I did it because I would never have been able to travel in one airplane seat withbone seatbelt for 7 hours nor have bren able to tour foreign country...first time in my life. I cried when I saw I could click the seatbelt! I work out 3x wek with personal trnr. If didnt, would not be able to accomplish this. IT IS NEVER GOING TO BE EASY. I was 67, too.

Good luck. Just be stubborn for yourself and what you want.

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Posted by @Bill_M, Aug 6, 2014

Did you have diabetes? Did the surgery help it? What happened there if you did have it? You say you HATE worrying about food. What does that mean? Do you dump or vomit if you eat too much? Do you have PAIN from food? Can you eat a good bit of what you did before just less? The books make it like after 6-9 months you can eat some of the same foods, just far LESS??? And you said you had sleeve, not RNY reroute? Are other parts of your life better? Blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease? ??



Posted by @reallyrosie, Aug 6, 2014

No no diabetes. But other co=morbidities. Much of my life is better:
easier (tie your own shoes, pick up what u drop) walking, doing, having
options and not being unable because you're too fat.

But unless you have excellent rigid control over your emotional eating
habits you will worry about every damn bite. I can't quite explain it
better. There are so many things you can grab. yet e ven if you dont give
in to bread or ice cream or pasta you still will find yourself stuffing til
u are filled beyond comfort. I had vsg. No dumping. No tossing cookies
none of that crap. very little pain...hardly used the tyenol with codein
liquid. Can eat raw veggies without a problem. some diarhea in the
beginning but i learned to control with metamucil. First few months are a
breeze and you will love it. Celery etc. But you will find yourself
scrounging so cheese sticks and more veggies...spare the damn carbs...and
youre still not satisfied. How many times can you walk the dog? Get out
of the house? Go to the gym? Me mindful....? Try to stay focused. ..i tell
you I am fighting with these urges almost constantly and that sucks. How
long can I continue? Someone I know had rny 10 yrs ago. She lost her
diabetes and was great and then she failed. It came back along with her
other problems "life goes on," she told me, "I didn't wanna be a gym rat"
and my heart sank. Cuz that's what I am.

Maybe you can get away with it. Make yourself the biggest support group
you can find and nurture that daily. I do think, at our age, it don't hurt
to try. Just don't expect miracles.

Good luck with your decision.


Posted by @carebear2014, Sep 16, 2014

It was a difficult transition from overeating to smaller portions. The throwing up was bad and I lost my weight all to fast. Don't do shakes! Eat your protein and follow that book they give you and you be great.:) I did it wrong and became anorexic and couldn't rst. So make sure no natter how small keep the real food in you. Last me I said no or little shakes. Good luck on your journey. I've come full circle and feel loads better. Back to 140 from 110. Carolyn


Posted by @abuela6, Sep 23, 2014

I am in the same place as you just 5 years younger. You asked my same questions.

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