Gabapentin dosage for trigeminal neuralgia?

Posted by pointeofview @pointeofview, Sep 14 6:13pm

I am currently on 1800 mg/day of gabapentin, but am still having a fair amount of pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, the background level is about a 2 with occasional flares to a level of 5 or 6.
Does anyone have luck with gabapentin, and if so, what dosages?

I take 1,800 milligrams as well. It does help my pain somewhat (I have small fiber neuropathy). I still have pain though. My neurologist also had a compound pharmacy make me a pain compound. The first one wasn’t strong enough so they made me a stronger one. It’s expedited $170 a pump bottle. It helps but I am never pain free. The Gaberpentin does give me horrible brain fog but I I don’t think I could survive without it.


Hi @pointeofview and welcome.

I thought you might like to read a few articles regarding your inquiry about gabapentin.
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Did you report the constant pain to your physician?

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