Functional Medicine Providers and CYREX vs. MRT lab tests

Posted by dkw @dkw, Feb 19 11:49am

Hello Everyone:

I haven't been on the site in awhile. I want to share information that may be helpful. A few months ago I enlisted the help of a RD/nutritionist who used the MRT protocols and lab work. It all seemed to work for a while, but, it seemed like I was still having gluten type reactions to certain food intakes even though I was trying very hard. I finally found an Internal Medicine M.D. who uses the CYREX series of advanced blood work. I have to say it is my belief, based on my experience that the in depth CYREX array of tests is more helpful, or it was to me in my particular case. The CYREX array will also test for numerous the numerous cross gluten reactions to other food groups that can interact with the immune system to mimic a gluten reaction to gliadins, and other proteins that are reactive to a non-celiac gluten response, which is also my case. I do not have a celiac gluten antibody response, but I do get severe constipation, dehydration etc. if gluten is consumed. The biggest help to me from the CYREX test is that it discovered a really huge reaction to Milk Butytrophilin. This is a protein of the milk globule membrane and is a gliadin cross-reactive issue for me. My new Functional Medicine/Internal Medicine M.D. recommend that I eliminate all dairy from my diet, immediately, upon getting this lab result. I have been dairy free now for about 2 weeks, and it has actually been the most positive change to my diet since I stopped gluten intake. I just wanted to let everyone on here know that the cross reactivity to wheat gluten is as big an issue as gluten itself. It also appears that consumption of dairy, for me also triggers some other gluten type responses from other gliadins, milk chocolate being one of them. I can eat sweetened chocolate chunks all day, but hot chocolate using milk is just like eating gluten, for me. I just wanted to share this because the Milk Butyrophilin response could easily be overlooked by the typical G.I. medical establishment M.D. It is not routinely tested by anyone, besides a Functional Medicine M.D. as far as I know. I hope this is helpful.

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