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Posted by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor @hopeful33250, Jun 13, 2020

I will be starting on the fodmap eating plan next week and I'm looking for some suggestions about following this plan for the first four weeks. Did you have the guidance of a dietician? Did you find any books, recipes, YouTube videos that helped you? I'm also wondering how you went about the addition of foods after the four-week restricted period?

Any success stories (I'd really like to hear them). Anything that was particularly helpful or difficult for you?

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@peggyjean, I feel the same way about gastros in my area! And I'm not the only one who's unhappy with the GI peeps, I've noticed several others around the USA are equally disappointed in GI care.

As someone with renal failure, diabetes, and gastroparesis and with the three diets in conflict with one another, I'm having to do quite a balancing act with meal planning, food choices, insulin management, etc.

GP is serious enough in and of itself but not immediately life threatening (for now) while renal failure and diabetes can be. So I have had to exceed recommended fiber on the GP diet, for example, in favor of kidney friendly and diabetic friendly foods which have more fiber than a GP diet recommends. At my age I have dentition problems as well, so soft foods work for me but I've had to get creative with acceptable seasonings added to baby food turned into soups which are renally acceptable and don't interfere with blood sugars and/or insulin.

Because I had to switch to a vegetarian diet to slow down the progress of CKD, getting enough protein is a challenge because GP acceptable breads with enough protein (added to plant protein) put me over the diabetic diet carb limit.

Other foods I can tolerate which are good for a renal diet and a diabetic diet can be higher fat than recommended on a GP diet.

I appreciate all the help and suggestions I can get.

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Understand all of this….I carry protein in my urine from my amyloidosis diagnosis that I had a stem cell transplant 15 yrs ago & my husband is diabetic. Going through tremendous fatigue right now….. I have hypothyroidism & wonder if that’s it or long term effects of having covid 2 times…. I called & can’t get into see my PC until Oct…..☹️


Under the guidance of a certified dietitian I followed FODMAP plan. The first think my dietitian had me do was download the Monash FODMAP app. I was advised to eliminate the foods I used that were rated red. My diet was rather bland. After a couple of months the reintroduction phase started. That lasted for quite a while. I have learned to monitor what I eat. Every once in a while my body lets me know that I have eaten something I shouldn’t have. My diet remains bland. I try to avoid processed and prepared foods. I mainly shop the perimeter of the grocery store.


I went through the process with the help of two sessions with the Mayo dietician. It is a meticulous process with big payoffs. Some have tried to do it on their own but I don’t recommend that. For me it’s a lifelong diet, with very few changes from the DASH/ Mediterranean diet we are on. There are two foods I have omitted for most of the time, with eating small portions if invited out for a meal. There are other foods that I use in small portions when cooking at home. Really the changes for me were not dramatic but a friend went through the same process at Mayo and she absolutely cannot eat any garlic. This is hard for her at restaurants. I have tried many things in my lifetime to solve my gastro problems. Nothing helped until FODMAP came along. My suggestion is to be patient, find a dietician trained in this, and enlist family and friends to be helpful during your time of discernment of what you can eat.

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