Fodmap Eating Plan

Posted by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor @hopeful33250, Jun 13, 2020

I will be starting on the fodmap eating plan next week and I'm looking for some suggestions about following this plan for the first four weeks. Did you have the guidance of a dietician? Did you find any books, recipes, YouTube videos that helped you? I'm also wondering how you went about the addition of foods after the four-week restricted period?

Any success stories (I'd really like to hear them). Anything that was particularly helpful or difficult for you?

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What were the apps you use? I hadn’t thought to use apps to help and was like “ well, duh.. “ when I read that you did as it’s such a smart common sense suggestion! I looked some up in the App Store but there’s like a gazillion of them so I’m curious to know which ones you use since you obviously like them.

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FODMAP A TO Z is basic and easy to use. I think most are similar… good luck!

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