flutter problems

Posted by terryb1 @128128terry11t, Dec 13, 2019

Fluttering problems once again! I did not see any build up on aerobika but did soak in vinegar and water about three weeks ago. Soaking now for an hour of 1/2 distilled white vinegar and 1/2 distilled water. Had to keep hitting the side of the aerobika as I used it this morning in order for it to continue to flutter. Aerobika relatively new. Anyone else have this problem and solved it the same way or differently? Hope that soak does the trick as I don't want to be buying new aerobikas all the time. I am a daily boiler; after use, do give a quick swish in cool Dawn sudsy tap water and then quick rinse in cool tap water before boiling for required time. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. Hard enough for us to do all this without fluttering problems.l

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@128128terry11t Hi Terry – You are so right – it's hard to stay on track, then a malfunctioning device makes it even more frustrating. I am a soaker, not a boiler, so I'm not sure what effect the boiling might have, simply because I wasn't sure what boiling mught do over time, the tiny pieces havve such limited movement. My Aerobika does this every once in a while and I found that sometimes, if I hold the device a little differently and the valve sticks, changing positions takes care of it. I have also had to work the valve control lever back and forth between settings sometimes to free it when it sticks. Good Luck, let us know if you solve it. Sue

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