Flutter - Pradaxa vs. Aspirin

Posted by ashfadel @ashfadel, Dec 3, 2019

I have flatter and the doctor gave me pradaxa 150 twice a day ( since More than 4 years)
Is Aspirin similar to pradaxa in my case. I rarely feel the flatter and last echo show normal situation

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It is an interesting read, deeper than I can discuss as the study is really about re occurring strokes, and I am not a doctor, you did not mention that you had a stroke involved, all that being said I have been on pradaxa for a year and half now, thankfully no problems at all. and it seems as though you have been on it for 4 years now,,,, my thoughts would be not to rock the boat and continue with you care plan for the last 4 years.....


Thanks, the study discussed the reoccurrence of stroke but thanks god I didn’t have any.
I can’t consult the doctor knows my case as i moved far from his country. I will prepare my medical history and check with another
Much appreciated

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