Finger Twitching

Posted by janetoyer @janetoyer, Jul 4, 2021

Causes of finger twitching mainly in right index finger and left thumb. Very distracting when trying to type or write. When texting it takes for ever by finger twitching on wrong letter.

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Have you been checked for Essential Tremors? It could be an early sign.


Have you been checked for Essential Tremors? It could be an early sign.

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Agree with Bill. ET would be a possibility.
Good luck!



Hello –
Here is a link to a good site that lays out the different types of tremor
I personally have tremors that are due to Parkinsonism. They are a mix of “Parkinson’s” tremor and a postural like tremor.
Finger twitching was a first sign for me. Also when typing getting the wrong key or keeping my finger on a key long enoigh for it to repeat several times.

Do you have any other symptoms that you have noticed – something out of the ordinary or something you noticed a while back that you have learned to live with?

Look at things that you are noticing / have noticed outside of the finger twitching. May help to give the docs more to work with.

Have you tried to make a log to track if something – activity, food, stress, joy, etc may make it more prominent?

I hope the link above will be of some help. .

Keep up with seeing the docs and be persistent.

Larry H

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