Finding a Parkinsons caregivers support group

Posted by pookielightfoot @pookielightfoot, Nov 18, 2023

I want to find a caregivers support group for Parkinsons Disease. Can you help me?

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Hello @pookielightfoot and welcome to the Parkinson's Support Group on Mayo Connect. I see that you are looking for a Caregiver's Support Group. Here on Connect we have many discussions for caregivers. Here is a link to all of those discussion groups:

And here is Caregiver's discussion group that is specifically for caregivers of Parkinson's patients.

Please look through the discussions and see where your needs might be best met.

How long have you been a caregiver for a PD patient? What struggles are you facing at this point?


I live in Michigan. I also belong to the MichiganParkinson Foundation which has support groups in many counties. At least 1 group is partly on line. I was asked to join. A few months ago I joined 2 different support groups. I go to both of them. THey are each different. My husband goes with me to the one support group he finds it better meets his needs. They have different speakers & topics of discussion from the Mayo clinic support group. I looked on line for local groups unsuccesfully. I asked my Parkinson movement specialist about support groups 2 years into the diagnosis & she told me about these groups. I wish I had joined sooner. I would check to see if this is available to you.


I am looking for a support group f or caregivers in Maryland --in the Bethesda, Rockville area. Can you help me out? Thanks.

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