How did you find a mental health group near you?

Posted by Barb @amberpep, Jun 4, 2022

After living in a city for 30 years, and now living in a small town 3 hours away, where there is very little to do, I'm thinking that there must be a group that meets somewhere around here with people like me ... who deal with depression daily. I see a Psychiatrist, and when I lived in the bigger city, I saw a therapist weekly and then every other week for 12 years (trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, fear) and that filled that need. Here there is nothing like that. I've tried to find a mental health group, and asked my Psychiatrist, but no ... there's none. I think that would help a lot ... not just me but a lot of other people.

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@amberpep Barb, if you are still driving, you may need to look at a close-by larger town. Here where we live, there is no local meet-in-person group. And in nearby towns [one 60 miles away, one 40 miles away in the other direction] there were groups before COVID-19 hit and closed everyone down. I find it is slowly getting back to a more normal way of living. But many businesses, and medical facilities have a new way of operating as they continue to experience staffing shortages. Unfortunately, that may translate to fewer services/reduced hours.

Are you comfortable to online meetings, like Zoom? They have proven to be really helpful for many, and your location is not such a critical factor. Besides, you may be able to choose from a larger list of groups to investigate and choose from.

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