Feeling sick chewing on meat

Posted by da69 @da69, Apr 20, 2023

I am 2 1/2 weeks into Zoloft and Caplyta...The Zoloft i took for twenty +
years until i got Covid and it quit working but nothing since has worked either so i am back to Zoloft at a higher dose with Caplyta.
Here for better than a week any meat i have to chew like a steak or pork chop i can barely stand chewing on it....I can force a couple bites down and i am done....It's like i feel if i eat another bite i will get sick.
Just chewing on it is the problem.
I can eat Spagetti with meat sauce or a taco salad and anything else.
I dont get sick after eating but the process of chewing it is horrible.
I am thinking meds related but why not doesn't all food make me feel this way?
Anybody else experienced this?
Thank you

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Don’t eat meat! There are healthier options. Complete proteins can be found in combinations of foods that are easy to find and put together. Fruits and veggies. Whole grains. Beans, nut butters


I like meat....Just a follow up...It had to have been my meds at the time making me queezy....All is good now.
Thank you for the replies.


Did you ever figure this out? My husband is having the same issue after getting COVID. He can have smoothies and eat soft things but he keeps saying that he thinks is the chewing what is making him feel bad after eating.


My first impression: It is time to explore a more plant based diet. Listen to your body, it is telling you something.

Here is an article to get you started, if you feel so inclined:


Both my husband and I have switched and we are very happy we did! Best of luck to you.


Hi, sorry you’re going through it. Wanted to let you know you’re not alone. I also take alot of similar meds. My meat intolerance goes on and off. Some days I can eat it and some days no and some days can be really severe. It started after Covid I couldn’t even stand it when someone cooked bacon and it smelled in the house and I would gag. I would even vomit a Big Mac because it tasted rotten. Then halfway through eating soup or steak and if the beef starting tasting “beefy” I would spit it out. With fried chicken I would only eat the really deep fried to a crisp skin with batter and give the inner juicy chicken to my dogs. Eggs started to taste like plain cardboard to me. I also have sleep apnea and going through perimenopause which maybe affecting my hormones there was also a period of acid reflux which somewhat resolved after a few months of Zantac. I’ll still eat it when I can but I’m usually picking it off and digging for veggies or fruit.


It is worth discussing with your medical doctor.
There is a condition called alpha-gal syndrome that
causes patients to fell sick after meat consumption.
It is an immune reaction from an infection caused by tick bites. History and a special blood test can help make
a diagnosis.

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