Feeling shaky a seizure?

Posted by mlock @mlock, Mar 24 5:18am

My daughter had an abnormal EEG. Also has anxiety and when not feeling anxiety she feels shaky all over but I don’t see her body shaking does this mean this could be a seizure?

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The abnormal EEG may have been caused by anxiety.
Stress and anxiety may cause signs of an Epileptic seizure but is seldom Epilepsy. Epilepsy is caused by abnormal electrical activity. Stress, anxiety, or panic usually causes “Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures” (PNES) and are psychologically induced.
Epileptic seizures don't last very long.
What did the doctor say who ordered the EEG?


My daughters pediatrician bc he couldn’t figure out why my daughter has nausea and feeling shaky when having anxiety. I was just told the eeg was abnormal and referred to a neurologist 18 months ago and who has cancelled on my daughter 4 times so was referred to a neurologist in a different province and wants an mri and she is not happy about an mri. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with endometriosis.


Good Morning @mlock
Why is your daughter not happy about doing an MRI? Tell her it is painless and much more comfortable than doing an EEG. I have done it many times. I understand the doctor has asked for this exam to see if there is any lesion in her brain. My doctor monitors the size of the lesion on my temporal lobe through MRIs, I do it once a year.
I myself had endometriosis when I was 33 years old (I am 52 years old now). This is an issue that should be seen and treated by a gynecologist. By the way, how old is your daughter? I do not remember endometriosis causing any of those feelings your daughter has. Endometriosis has caused me many cramps.
I hope your daughter gets the right diagnosis. Al the best!

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