Feeding tube falls out.

Posted by walisky @walisky, Aug 19, 2019

Does anyone else have a problem with their feeding tube balloon deflating and the tube falling out? It has to be replaced at the emergency room about every 3 months. We can't leave town because we worry that this will happen while we are on the road. Thanks.

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My husband has a gastrostomy button, which is low profile. This can be a replacement for the original feeding tube after 2-3 months of the other type. The outside tube is clicked on for feeding and then clicked off after feeding. The tube should be cleaned out with water, for instance with a piston syringe of plain water. It's nice to not have a tube dangling in between feeding and while trying to sleep. No doctor told us about this being available. I had to do research online and ask the doctor about it. Since having the new tube, we have had no more midnight trips to the emergency room because of the balloon collapsing.

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