Father's Recurrence After 4 Years

Posted by tarameaghanqb @tarameaghanqb, Oct 20 6:57pm


Thank you for the opportunity to join this group. I'm here because we found out last month that my father has had a recurrence after 4 years. My heart goes out to each of you no matter where you're at in your or your loved one's journey with PC.

My Dad, now 71 yo, received a Stage 2b pancreatic adenocarcinoma dx in June 2016. Whipple at UCSF (Dr. Nakakura) in August 2016, clean margins, 3 of 21 lymph nodes positive followed by Gemzar/Xeloda and Radiation. He was also successfully treated for prostate cancer.

NED until confirmed recurrence in surgical site last month via endoscopic biopsy and scan, after approx 4 years of clear scans(which we know is a miracle). MD said no lymph nodes detected, growth is small in size. Port being inserted tomorrow in preparation for 12 weeks Folfirinox.

I've got so many questions right now…

I apologize as I'm struggling to clearly articulate my concerns here…I know that nobody can predict the future…My mind is racing…is this the last holiday season with my Dad? Will he be with us in 1, 2, 5, 10 years…

Would appreciate any and all real-life experiences and support with any of the following questions…

1) Is there anyone out there who has had a long-term NED following a similar recurrence?
2) Does it even matter that the recurrence is small in size and that there is no lymph node involvement this time?
3) Is it realistic to have a single recurrence, or have the odds changed now and to expect that recurrences will become part of his life now?
4) Is there such a thing as maintenance chemo?
5) Advice for surviving Folfirinox? Preventative measures to manage and make the process of side effect management easier?
6) Is anyone familiar with Nanoknife for treating a recurrenc

With appreciation,

@tarameaghanqb Hi, Tara. I was diagnosed with Stage 2b adenocarcinoma in May, 2014. I had my Whipple in June, 2014 followed by 6 months of gemzar. I was NED for 5 1/2 years. Last December we moved and I had to find new oncologist. He ordered a PET/CT that indicated that I had a recurrence in the surgical bed. My doctor wanted to do radiation and chemo but because of Stage 5 chronic kidney disease, we decided not to do chemo, just radiation. I had 25 rounds of radiation. I have been back to Mayo twice since my radiation. At this time the tumors are not growing so there will be no treatment. I will have a PET/MRI scan every 3 months to monitor my progress. If the tumors start growing, I will need chemo. Because of my kidney problems, I will have to have dialysis after each chemo treatment. Sorry I couldn't answer more of your questions. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I thank God for every day of life. I am praying that things go well for your father


Hi @tarameaghanqb, how are you doing? How is your dad?

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