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Father's Recurrence After 4 Years

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Hi Tara. I will try to keep this short. In 2012 I was told I had a cyst on the head of my pancreas, biopsy showed it was non cancerous but still needed to have whipple surgery.
After surgery was just told it was pancreatic cancer. Radiation and chemo followed.
In 2015 I had my regular 3 month CT scan and showed a nodule in the right lung and biopsy showed the PC had metastasized to my right lung, chemo and cyberknife radiation followed.
In 2018 new nodule showed up in right lung again and after 2 biopsys they were unable to say it was cancer but Doctors decided to do cyberknife again and stopped it from growing.
Now in 2021 after PET CT scan something suspicious showed up in the surgical bed and new nodule in right lung, next week biopsys on both and see where it goes. I'm now 69 years old, 9 years and 5 months from original diagnosis and not ready to give up yet.

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I have a recurrance after 3 years of no evidence of disease in surgical bed and lungs all pancreatic cancer. So glad you are not ready to give upon, me neither but I am depressed trying to turn that around. I got lung ablations where they insert a probe and obliterate with heat or freeze the cancer cells. It is very accurate not hurting any other cells. Now there are too many so I'm doing a drug trial to help immune system reve up. Let me know how your treatment goes. I also had radiation. Leigh