Exposure to bacterium etc. if using night guard.

Posted by fdixon63 @fdixon63, Aug 12, 2019

I've used a night guard for over 30 years. My dental asst. who works with these devices as well as bridges, partials etc. told me earlier this year that I should wrap it in paper towel and keep it moist (so it does not dry out) while it is in the storage case. I did some searching on the internet and there it said to brush it, sit it flat to dry and then put it in storage case. Any thoughts or solid information. Keeping it moist in storage sound like a germ factory.
Thanks, Faye

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I,too, have been using a night guard for many years. I was always told to put in in the case and fill it with water between uses. Now, since I have MAC, I brush the splint and the case in the morning and fill the case with distilled water, then I brush it and the case again at night, rinse the case with distilled water and let the case dry out over night. Wish we had some research to show what's the best way!


Yes. Just two completely different instructions on how to store the night guard. Thanks for your input.


I use one as well; I briefly soak it in tap water and cleaner and rinse it with tap water in the morning and let it dry out. I figured it was okay if it was dry?

I used to use a Waterpik but stopped when I was diagnosed with Mac. I wondered if it would be okay to use it with filtered water (reverse osmosis)? Does anyone have any experience with waterpiks?


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