Executive Function in tweens and teens

Posted by curiousmind123 @curiousmind123, Apr 21 11:27pm

In this post pandemic/social media laden environment, there are so many tweens and teens struggling with executive function skills, especially relating to self monitoring and self-control. Are there any resources to help parents navigate these 'lost' skills?

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Welcome @curiousmind123, I don't have any kids still young enough to try and help navigate the 'lost' skills but I certainly see the need for resources to help parents in today's world. Here are a few resources you might find helpful on the topic:

— Executive Functioning 101: All About Self-Monitoring: https://lifeskillsadvocate.com/blog/executive-functioning-101-all-about-self-monitoring/
— Helping Kids Who Struggle With Executive Functions: https://childmind.org/article/helping-kids-who-struggle-with-executive-functions/.

Are you able to share what your biggest challenge is?


I love the Harbinger instant help workbooks. They have one for this very topic.

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