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Posted by berkata1234 @berkata1234, Oct 4, 2021

Please help me with any solution aside carbermazepine

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Hi there,
I’m sorry this I'm replying so late but I have been out of town and I just got back a few days ago.
Could you be a little more specific as to exactly what your question is?
Not sure I understand your question.
Is Carbamazepine the only seizure med you have taken and without controlling your seizures?
What type of seizures are you having?
I assume they are generalized
Tonic-Clonic seizures, Focal Aware or Focal Impaired (previously known as Simple Partial and Complex Partial seizures.) Perhaps your having Focal Seizures that convert to secondarily generalized seizures (now known as Focal to bilateral Tonic-Clonic seizures?)
Regardless, what dose of Carbamazepine are you currently taking? Is that the only seizure medication you have tried? Have you tried any other or any combinations of seizure medicines?
Hope to hear from you soon,

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