Emesis induced syncope and seizure

Posted by merly @merly, Jul 3, 2020

I have had a half dozen or more episodes of violent diarrhea and vomiting, which then led to passing out and more recently an unfamiliar experience which I think is much like a seizure, after having a very rich meal. I have had a HIDA scan and been diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia and a contracted gallbladder. I have had heat stroke previously where my body reacted similarly, but have had no episodes of fainting or seizure-like altered states otherwise. I'm trying to figure out what approach to take. I have tried eliminating most fats from my diet, but I haven't been completely successful with that. I am ready to consider having my gall bladder removed with the hope to eliminate the trigger for these violent attacks. Has anyone else had anything similar? How can I approach getting appropriate care? Any recommendations?

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Good morning,
Have you ever been diagnosed with epilepsy? There is a form of epilepsy known as abdominal Epilepsy that could cause the symptoms you describe although it’s very rare especially in adults.
What makes you believe what you’re actually experiencing is seizure activity?
Have you asked your physician if the episodes could be seizure related?
Take care,


Hello @merly, I see that this is your first post on Mayo Connect and I'd like to welcome you. It sounds as if you have a couple of diagnoses related to the liver and gall bladder. Does your GI doctor think these bouts of diarrhea and vomiting might be related to these conditions that you have mentioned?

As @jakedduck1 said in his post, I am also wondering what makes you think that these episodes might be seizures? Is there perhaps a history of seizures in your family?

I can imagine your concern over passing out when you have these bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. Are there any treatments that your doctor has recommended, either medicine or procedures? As you feel comfortable doing so, will you post again and provide a bit more information?

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