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Elevated ammonia levels

Posted by @techi, Sat, May 12 10:32pm

I want to know what number is considered a high ammonia level. I just had a test done and l was told my number was 59. The nurse called and said ammonia levels were elevated. I had the test done because when l went shopping l couldn't walk and l was so dizzy. I try to pretend everything was ok because l get so embarrassed when l fall. Then when l got out the store l.had a hard time walking so l didn't want to drive right away so l waited and then l drove home. When l got home l had a hard time walking to the house but if l fell at home it would be ok. No one would be looking. I hurried up to get something to eat and drink but l didn't think l was dehydrated because before l left l had ate and drank. Then l went to sleep which always happen when l get like that. When l told the doctor that is when l asked to have my ammonia levels checked since a hepatologist doctor told me to discontinue my lactulose now my doctor has put me back on it. And now my upper stomach under my rib cage is hurting, l feel like l am going to threw up and my upper and lower stomach is swollen so l just want to know if anyone had that problem and if it means your levels are high. I just started back on my lactulose. So if anyone had or have that problem will you please tell me your experience.


Last week l went to the doctor about my ammonia level and its up so unfortunately l am back on my lactulose. And now my general practice doctor is retiring so it's like l have to start all over again. My hepatologist is still around but you usually dont see them that often. So you have to know the side affect of when your levels are high. And some people don't have the same symptoms. So l am suppose to see one of the new doctors in his office he says is good. We will see. It's seem like the older doctors are retiring and we are getting younger new ones. But maybe that's goof because alot has changed.

Hi @techi,

With regard to high ammonia levels, I couldn't find other members besides @contentandwell, who may be able to give you more information.
Ammonia comes from protein in the diet, and there is some evidence that shows people with high levels of ammonia do better when they get their protein from vegetables (beans, lentils) and from dairy products (eggs, milk, yogurt) instead of from meats.
The Lactulose is prescribed to push food through the bowels more quickly. That way, less food is absorbed, the liver has less work to do, and fewer toxins make their way to the brain.

The same thing is happening to my husbsnd. He is falling a lot now. When he takes the latulose his stomach has the same problem. My husband has been pushed to many doctors. Neurologists see nothing wrong with his brain. 2 liver doctors deny that it is due to high ammonia level. I see the doctor reply to your message below and it does not address your walking problem. This is bring ignored and it is strange. There is a drug that is on the market that removes ammonia through urine and easy on stomach. Super expensive in the thousand of dollars.
I talked to a pharmaist and she said to take half doses of latulose until you get 2 bowel movements or meet the full daily dosage amount that your doctor gave you. It is easier on the stomach. I am still checking on this walking issue. Wish the doctors woukd acknowlege it.

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