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Elevated ammonia levels

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I noticed you mentioned, "I see the doctor reply to your message below and it does not address your walking problem. This is bring ignored and it is strange.”
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@chrissey, I’m so glad that you’ve met @techi, and I’d like to connect you with some other members who might be able to share their insights with you. When did you notice that your husband’s falling had become more frequent? Have the doctors offered an explanation for the high ammonia levels?

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My husband's falling became more frequent since March 3. No the doctors have not given me a reason for his falling. I am guessing that it is due to high ammonia levels or HE. I got the run around to see 2 neurologist and then a regular general doctor. Then I went to a liver transplant center and they didn't know and just wanted to get rid of him as a patient. I am very mad that they will not even acknowledge this has anything to do with his liver problem I am only being straightforward about this because this issue seems to be ignored.