Electric shock in the scalp

Posted by biancamarie18 @biancamarie18, Apr 26, 2023

I've had a head trauma about 4-5yrs ago (fell down the stairs) , after that I was not really able to comb or touch my right side of my forehead including my hair because it sends like an electric shock from my forehead through my scalp. And it's just on the right side of my forehead, the one where I hit my head. It went about a month, and up until now I have this electric shock in my scalp that keeps happening everytime I put pressure on my right forehead. Should I be concerned about it?

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I get shock type feelings in my head as well. It has been diagnosed as occipital neuralgia. It started after I hit my head and had whiplash from a car accident within a few months.

If your MD thinks your problem is the same, a couple of things have helped me. I had a few occipital nerve blocks early on which were great in 2 ways. The blocks helped diagnose the problem and gave me a little relief temporarily. Another help was a compounded gel containing gabapentin, ketoprofen and lidocaine. The other thing helpful for me is lidocaine gel. I dab it on the tender spots of the scalp and it gives a little relief.

Unfortunately, all "bandaid" suggestions for you, but all the little things add up and are helpful.

I hope you get some relief and are better able to manage the painful shocks. Chronic things can be really tough, sending you strength.


I am suffering from post-concussion syndrome, I was attacked by a student who head butted me on the right side of my head & gave me a fractured collarbone. In the beginning, occasionally, I had electrical feeling zaps in that area. Last month I got COVID-19 and now the zaps are more prevalent.


Hi @biancamarie18, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm sorry to hear of your past head trauma. It must be unsettling for you to feel electric shocks in your scalp. I've experienced zaps and shocks in my head, face and eyes, and it can be quite painful. Mine were/are a result of neuropathy and central sensitization.

I agree with @roja12, it may be occipital neuralgia. Here is a discussion you may find helpful:

Occipital Neuralgia -
- https://youtu.be/vJNhdnSK3WQ

After 4-5 years of having shocks in your head, what has your neurologist or PCP said? How have you handled the shocks? Do they effect you for very long?


Hi @biancamarie18, I also had occipital neuralgia years ago. I had what felt like lightning bolts go across the top of my head on the left side for two years. It didn't hurt to touch it. They just happened frequently and randomly throughout the day. I finally went to a neurologist thinking surely I had a brain tumor. He told me it was occipital neuralgia and it comes from neck issues. I did have a lot of neck issues and had suffered a bad whiplash injury years earlier. It was about 15 years ago. I'm not sure if he had me do anything in particular with my neck because I remember it suddenly went away about 2 months after I saw him and I really haven't had trouble since. Every once in a long while I have a random pain, but years in between so there is hope that it will go away. I don't do well with meds so I never took meds for it. Best of luck to you.

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