Positive Experiences with Effexor

Posted by doorman @doorman, Sun, Sep 1 9:00am

I’m interested in anyone’s experience with Effexor for anxiety. Did it cause more anxiety at first? Did it eventually go away? Did it take a full 6 weeks to take effect? Are you still on it? Any information would be helpful. Thank you all!


75 sounds kind of high to start with. Folks eventually take a lot more, but it's definitely something that should been weened on. I had a psychiatrist prescribe it to me. During that same time period, I had a GP prescribe me depakote. Not sure what that is, but I mentioned it to my psychiatrist and she exclaimed “did you take it???!!! Don’t!” Merely because it wasn’t the appropriate drug for me.

Not trying to scare you because Effexor worked wonders for me! Just be sure it’s the right med for you.

Btw, do you have anxiety and depression or mostly one or the other? I mostly had depression in my thirties and Effexor helped me. Not I’m a ball of anxiety! Seroquel and Zoloft work.

There are lots of anti anxiety and anti depression meds. Don’t get discourage. When they work it’s life changing. And they will.

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Mostly anxiety


I react to pharmacology and to therapy as only I can based upon my biology and my mental makeup. It's hard when we have to try different doses and are managed by others with powerful drugs. We switch medications. Take it upon yourself to be known to your provider how you feel and when you think you are either improving or not.

EDIT: There is a block of something in us that wants us to move forward. I am frequently surprised that we have that in us. I am slightly sad now, but I know that sadness is okay. I am anxious to share my thoughts, but I know that I am not faulty.

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