Effective use of Bi- Pap machines for COPD

Posted by venugopal @venugopal, Jan 20, 2017

Hello all. I am a new member., Venugopal. Lived in the US for long but now in India.
My mother has pulmonary fibrosis ( sarcoidosis 4) and currently on BiPap ( A Resmed Machine, full face mask). I have a few questions that others perhaps can help with:
1. As reported with many elderly patients, tolerance levels are low even after 3 months. She wants to use it One hour at a time for the prescribed total of 6 hours in a day. But the doctor said at least 2 hours at a stretch. The doctor did not provide exact reasons despite query but might have good reason. Can anyone clarify to me the advisability of 1 hour per session, and also ( if correct) why 2 hour minimum is needed? Can help me convince her.
2. Over the years, she has developed the habit of breathing with the mouth open. Although a face mask is being used, does this habit severely reduce the benefits of bi- pap?
3. The user manual states that leak of 2-7 permissible but is a level of 2 advisable?
Thank you ver much.

Welcome to Connect, Venugopal.
Past members @crcusack and @brglassman spoke about their experiences with the BiPAP machine quite a while back. By tagging them, I hope that they might return to respond to your questions. @oliver22 @loisblo @dsisko @bboxer @rickys or @dawn_giacabazi do any of you have any experience with BiPAP machines?

Welcome to connect @venugopal

I have used BiPAP & now use CPAP

BiPAP users appreciate a more normal sleep cycle, uninterrupted by apnea and snoring. People who use BiPAP machines say they are more alert, less drowsy, more productive and in a better mood during daytime hours. They say their concentration and memory skills improve with BiPAP therapy. Untreated OAS can cause high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disease and even death. BiPAP therapy reduces these long-term risks. The goal would be to slowly increase the amount of time she is using the machine. I started out using it while I was awake even reading or watching tv. Then you start to become accustom to wearing it and breathing with it.

Breathing with her mouth open, according to my physician & experience really only makes you a little more dependent on the humitity. My mouth becomes more dry.

Leaks happen for many reasons. The more she uses it the less she will struggle and should settle into a good deal and seal as long as it is not leaking all the time. She would greatly benefit from a respiratory therapist. They can really get her settled into using it and fix any issues she is having.

Good luck

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