Ears drained by doctor but still can’t hear.

Posted by keo1799 @keo1799, Oct 7 3:09pm

Three weeks ago I got a double ear infection and have not been able to hear. I already am hearing impaired so I can barely hear anything with the muffled clogging. Prednisone did nothing, antibiotics got rid of the infection but not the fluid. Two days ago the doctor cut incisions in ear drums and suctioned out some of the fluid. Like a myringtomy without the tubes. Yesterday I woke up to a lot of fluid in my ears but still can’t hear. Same with today. I feel like I’m going crazy and just want to hear again or at least at the level I was previously able to. Anyone else have experience with this? I saw another thread similar but no updates from people saying they healed. Maybe it’s a good thing though and they abandoned the thread when they felt better. I feel hopeless.

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Hi Keol799,
That's terrible what you are going through! What does the doctor you see now say about your current situation? I would suggest that you might want to do some research and find a really good doctor near you that has a lot of experience treating ear problems and hearing. Try a Google search or search on Yelp. There may be something going on other than just hearing problems.

Prayer works also. God made your ears and your hearing. He can fix them!
I will say a prayer for you.


Bless you. This has to be painful and scary. Prayng for you right now.


I also had incision in one ear to see if it would relieve pressure. It did not. The eardrum healed quickly, but my hearing was worsened by the procedure and continues to get worse. Both ears are involved, but the ear that was opened it much worse. Mine is related to Covid infection I believe. I have been to many specialists. No help.
Good luck to you. I know how you feel.

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