Dry Scalp with Immunotherapy

Posted by schmeeckle64 @schmeeckle64, Jan 23, 2020

Is anyone else experiencing super dry scalp or a rash on your body from immunotherapy treatments? Or Xgeva?

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Hi @schmeeckle64, it has been a while since you asked about dry scalp with immunotherapy. I'm tagging @ina3 @reibur1951 and @lighthouse68 @doughy42 @richcolleen and @2onlow8, who have experience with immunotherapy for lung cancer too.

Schmeeckle, are you still experiencing dry scalp or has it gone away? What helped?


anyone have lichen planopilaris in the scalp? I have been prescribed plaquinil. I would like to hear from anyone who does.


My dry scalp is completely gone. I did a week of predisone and my oncologist had me go to a dermatologist. She gave me Betamethasone Dipropionate for my scalp. It has worked wonders!

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